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1. Take us to the disco - Feat. Boy George
2. Touch Me All Over
3. Boy Crush (Ext. Version) Feat. Daluzion
4. Change of Heart
5. It's Okay Boy (P.Play Remix) Feat. Tiffany
6. Baja Los Pantelones
7. Toyfriend (Remix) - Feat. Domenic Marte
8. Girl Hang It Up! (Single Edit)

CD has 4 Bonus Tracks!

9. Prove Your Love
10. Waste of Time
11. Dizzy Boi
12. Mystery Boy

Celebrating 30 years as an independent artist. This Milestone album TOYFRIEND will take you on a musical journey. From the 1991 debut 'Girl Hang It Up!' to the more recent 'Boy Crush'.

The album contains various genres of dance music. Everything from Freestyle and Pop to Club Music and Merengue mixed with his own style of 80s and 90s influence. Its a crowd pleasure for sure. Other notable fun facts are the special collaborations on this album from 80s pop legends and more.


* USA Deluxe CD Release
* 8 Songs w/ 4 CD Only Bonus Tracks
* Brand New Remix of TOYFRIEND
* Collabs with '80s All Stars and more.

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Release Date: June 1st, 2021